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  • Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

    February 17th, 2012 WBU e-Notice

    Welcome to our e-notice, listing current breaking news and events.

     Member organization that require financial assistance to send their delegate to the 8th WBU General Assembly, need to fill out the application and return it to our office no later then March 15th. To view the application form and guidelines on the WBU website link here: http://www.worldblindunion.org/en/resources/general-documents/Pages/default.aspx

     Access Exchange International – an organization that works to make mobility and transportation more accessible around the world- has added their latest newsletter (in English and Spanish in a pdf format) to their website: http://www.globalride-sf.org/news.html

     Our thanks goes out to the Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene’s Student Council who organized a “Dress Down Days” fundraiser in January and donated the proceeds to the World Blind Union. We appreciate their support of our work.

     This is a reminder for members who cannot afford to pay their membership fees in full, there is the option to pay it in-kind by offering translation services to the WBU for Spanish and French. We have many large documents that need to be made available in all three languages. If your organization is considering this option we can send the guidelines/application for this. Contact Penny Hartin to discuss this option. Penny.hartin@wbuoffice.org

     ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) has launched the "Make the Right Real!" campaign to accelerate the ratification and the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Please pledge your support at the following website and spread the word of "Make the Right Real!.": http://www.maketherightreal.net

     The Braille Without Boarders 2011 Annual Review (in English) is now available to read in pdf format by following this link: http://www.braillewithoutborders.org/ENGLISH/Annual_Report_2011.pdf

     The first week of February is recognized in Canada as White Cane Week (since 1946). Recognition of this week aims to demonstrate that large numbers of people who are blind or live with low vision have active lives and contribute to society. The Canadian Council of the Blind works hard coast to coast to promote this each year: http://www.ccbnational.net/new/index.php?White_Cane_Week

     Study links increased intake of Vitamin D to preventing vision loss: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=10779509

     Use of embryonic stem cells helped 2 patients blinded from different diseases regain eyesight. Read more: http://www.bendbulletin.com/article/20120127/NEWS0107/201270334/

     If you are a woman with a disability, you may be interested in participating in the following summer course. The 6th International Women’s Institute on Leadership and Development (WILD), will host a course to empower women with the skills to implement inclusion within diverse societies. The 3-week course takes place in Eugene, Oregon U.S.A. To learn more: http://usicd.org/detail/opportunity.cfm?opportunity_id=252&id=144

     In 2012 the WBU will again provide scholarships to student with visual impairments to further their education. We have 4 different scholarships which will be awarded in the summer months. It is advisable to have in applications by the end of May. Read our scholarships page on the website to learn more: http://www.worldblindunion.org/en/resources/scholarships/Pages/default.aspx

     United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) welcomes nominations for the Asia-Pacific Disability Champions Award. The Award highlights those who worked in the field of disability rights, earning respect for their accomplishments. Champions will be recognized at a special ceremony to be held in conjunction with the high-level intergovernmental meeting on the Final Review of the Implementation of the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons, 2003-2012. The conference runs from October 29th to November 2nd in Inchon, Republic of Korea. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is 30 April 2012. To learn more or to nominate someone go to: www.escapdisabilityaward.net

    This year’s WBU members conference notices and links:

    March 11 to 16: ULAC 8th General Assembly, Mexico city. Register at: http://www.ulacdigital.org/mexico2012.htm Spanish website.

    March 26 & 27: 28th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability & Diversity "Living to Our Complete Potential" Honolulu, Hawaii, USA www.pacrim.hawaii.edu

    May 6 to 10: the 5th General Assembly of the International Council on English Braille is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa: for details go to: http://iceb.org/

    May 15 to 18: IKK International Congress of War Blind, in Pretoria South Africa: www.ikk2012.org.za

    September 17 to 21: The 13th International conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and disabled persons will take place in New Delhi, India. To register go to: http://www.transed2012.in/

    September 17 to 20: IAPB 9th General Assembly, in Hyderabad, India. For details go to: http://9ga.iapb.org/

    November 8 & 9: AFUB 7th General Assembly, Bangkok, Thailand.

    November 10 to 18 – WBU/ICEVI General Assemblies - Bangkok, Thailand. Our website is now up and running so you can read more about this exciting event: www.wbu-icevi2012.org

    November 26 to 28 - Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) 1st World Congress, to be held in Agra, India. To learn more link here: http://www.cbrglobal.org/